Monday, August 31, 2015

My Thoughts on Periscope

  Last week I did my first big collaboration with several well known YouTube Artists. It was great in that I got to art with friends. The drawback was everything is live!!! So if you make a mistake you can't edit anything out. It is there for everyone to see! Ack!!
 I was so not prepared for the whole event of #Passthebrush and I really did bad. At least that is my opinion. I felt the other artists made me look like a real beginner!

   I like Periscope in that I can talk to many of my YouTube Subscribers live from many different parts of the world which is so neat. I think next time I will be more prepared. I am already brainstorming. The other talented artists and I are planning another #passthebrush event and I will be very prepared and will look like a professional instead of winging it!