Saturday, August 22, 2015

I survived the #Pawgustart Exclusive Creative Arts Collaboration onYouTube!

It was a fun weekend watching all of the talented artists on YouTube. I was up until the wee hours of the morning getting my fill of all the wonderfully,creative artists. I still have a lot of watching to do! I only got through just a handful of 300 some artists that posted their creative works. I have been busy editing videos of My Junque Journal, My Way Series on YouTube. I often wonder if anyone really watches the whole thing, or if they just fast forward through bits. I don't think viewers realize how much work goes into the filming, editing and time that goes into creating a YouTube video. Some of my creative friends this weekend had some really mean comments posted on their channels. I know the haters are gonna hate, but really?! I had some bad news last week.. I will be having surgery at the end of September, early October for left shoulder surgery on a torn rotator cuff. I will be in a sling for about a month after. I thought I would start a series called: The Adventures of the one-armed artist. I just might and do a video journal about the whole adventure. That is if anyone would watch it. Boy! I do sound negative tonight! I think it must be the pain I am in right now, between my shoulder pain and the usual Fibromyalgia pain, I have been one cranky artist today! Thanks for reading and I stayed tuned for my next posting!